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Welcome to our BIG FOOD EUROPE (BFE) website

We provide a full range of services to hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes including but not limited to food & beverage supply, food menus, cards as well as presentations on the internet.

Our food department specialises in launching new food & beverage products in new European markets. You can be assured we work with the best salespeople in the field using state of the art tools for planning sales, marketing and strategy. We have fast access to the food market as well as accurate, exact and broad data and feedback for our customers.

Experience in launching exclusive products helped us create a unique selling concept, which will make any promising product a success. A step by step sales strategy that works! We are happy to share it.

Our representatives and salespeople first obtain their training in London and may then choose to work throughout Europe.

Working with BFE means that you become partner in a new fast growing company, which will be a leading name in product introduction in the food & beverage industry. It means you will have full access to an international network of representatives and salespeople, as well as full access to market data for specific areas and product introductions.

Big Food Europe Natural

Why should you choose our products?

They are 100% natural


We are carefully monitoring the global food market and are always choosing the manufacturers that don't use any artificial ingredients like preservatives, colourings or thickeners.

They have a long shelf life


Our products have a shelf life from 3 months to 2 years. We help you to safe your money as you don't need to be throwing away your expired stock.

They are ambient


We understand your fridge space may be limited and therefore we only supply products that can be stored in the room temperature (18-25°C).

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