Big Food Europe first to introduce Gumbooks in the UK!


Our founder Jarek Turon and his private collection of Gumbooks

Gumbooks are probably the most original advertising medium in the world. They reach out directly to a target group and serve as a sales support tool.

Advertising Space
Companies, hotels and service providers can advertise on Gumbooks. The advertisements can be printed on the inside and outside cover of the Gumbook and the separate sheets of paper are used for disposing of chewing gums.

Set of paper sheets inside the Gumbook
Ever wondered what to do with used chewing gum? Problem solved. Gumbooks work as a preventive tool to stop littering. They reduce the footprint on the environment and teach young people to respect their environment.

Chewing gums for clean and healthy teeth
Gumbooks will soon be available in your favourite cafe or restaurant and they will contain one or two chewing gums. You will usually get Gumbook with your cup of tea or coffee and you can take it with you.

Big Food Europe is an exclusive distributor of Gumbooks in the United Kingdom and we work directly with our manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

In our first marketing campaign with Gumbooks will be focused on hotels, car dealers, footbal and hockey clubs, fast food chains, cinemas and other places where gum polution is a big problem.

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