Copenhagen Food Show 2015

Copenhagen Food Show 2015Even though Copenhagen Food Fair 2015 was a bit smaller then in previous years, it was still full of interesting products, concepts, food companies and ideas. Bella Center opened its door on Sunday 22 February and brought us 3 days of amazing experience meeting our customers, colleagues, partners and sharing our experience.

Organizers prepared a new exhibition concept, which included 4 different parts: Stage, Campus, Kitchen and Eco.

“Stage” was the fair’s centre for food culture and featured Danish and international food performances and entertainment. Selected exhibitors had a unique opportunity to talk about their business by being hosts on Stage.

“Campus” was focused on hospitality in a professional context with, for example, talks, dialogue meetings and innovation workshops. Selected exhibitors had a unique opportunity to talk about their business by being hosts on the Campus stage.

“Kitchen” was the sensuous heart of the fair, where competitions such as Chef of the Year and Waiter of the Year, cookery schools, demonstrations of new equipment, meal breaks, tastings etc were presented – all focusing on preparing and experiencing food.

Monday 23 February was the Organic Day, with more than 50 organic exhibitors contributing to the biggest organic initiative. We were celebrating the day with numerous activities and happenings which were all related to organic foods.

Some of our favourite exhibitors and products:

Nohrlund – 3 types of natural lemonades with small amount of gin or vodka. Our favourite was the ginger flavour.

Sealand Birk – absolutely fantastic Birch Tree lemonades from Finland. What a great idea!

Growers Cup – unique concept of tea and coffee in their own disposable package that has to be filled with hot water and in about 30 seconds can fill two cups.

Nordur Salt – Great sea salt from Iceland.

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