Gum Pollution

It is not an urban mystery but more of a mass denial. Gum littering has become acceptable and even though littering and spitting is officially prohibited under most city regulations, we have learned to just block it out. It is estimated that over 50 million pieces of gum are chewed every day. That is over 50 million gum blobs that most likely end up disposed of improperly and appear wherever you go, ruining your pants, or your shoes.

Chewing gum is not biodegradable and will stick to its surface for many, many years until treated. A basic ingredient of chewing gum is a synthetic rubber which does not dissolve. You cannot compost chewing gum, because it won’t break down. Chewing gum is not digestible. Small birds have died when mistakenly eating it.

Gum is already banned in Singapore. Britain is in its 6th year campaigning to reduce levels of chewing gum litter. Offenders spitting their used gum on the ground risk receiving a fine of up to £75.

Xylitol is lethal to dogs

If you are a pet lover and you have a dog, please beware! The sweetener xylitol, commonly used in a sugar free gum is toxic to dogs. It can cause hypoglycemia in dogs for years. Also it has been discovered that it can cause acute liver disease and a coagulopathy (inability to clot the blood). A study found that 0.5g/kg or more of ingested xylitol can cause liver failure.

Water is wasted to clean gum of our streets.

Chewing gum is the second largest littering item worldwide next to cigarette butts. Not only that cities spend our tax dollars to clean our streets, most cities waste millions of gallons of water annually to remove dry gum blobs from their surface. Additionally, chemical solutions that are also in the cleaning process and rinsed off, travel down the drain and run into the ocean.

Go Green. Live Clean. Use Gum Books

Every year, over 650,000 metric tons of chewing gum waste is produced!

People everywhere are making an effort to join the Go Green Initiative to preserve and protect the earth’s precious resources.

What can you do to join the Go Green efforts?

Well, let’s start with putting a stop to gum littering. Research and experience have shown that litter is the result of individual behavior. It’s “not my responsibility”.  Some of us feel no sense of ownership for walkways, movie theaters, stadiums, and other public areas. Some of us believe that someone else will pick up after us. Wrong! It is our responsibility! And now is the time to step up and start thinking about the consequences of our actions. It takes just one person, one business, one organization to positively impact the behavior of others, one chew at a time.

  • Before you unwrap your chewing gum, make sure you have Gum Books with you to dispose of your gum and deposit it into a trash receptacle..
  • Carry Gum Books with you at all times.
  • Keep Gum Books in your car, your office and your home.
  • Encourage your friends to be responsible for their gum litter, too.
  • Make littering “your responsibility”.