'Chai' is the generic word for tea in many Asian, middle-eastern and Slavic countries. In India 'chai masala' is a brewed, spiced, milky tea that was created for the Kings of India and has since become ‘India’s gift to the world’! It has been enjoyed around the world for centuries and the aroma and taste is reputed for creating a wonderful sense of well-being.

Bondi Chai® Tea Latte – 100% natural

Bondi Chai® is Australia’s own Gold Medal winning powdered chai tea latte. It was created by Melissa Edyvean and her partner Martin Buggy and is blended in Australia. Bondi chai is made from only premium quality ingredients, which are as natural as possible. It has no artificial flavourings, colourings or additives and is 99% fat free . You can taste that.

The name Bondi Chai comes from one of the most famous beaches in the World: Bondi Beach in Australia. A trendy "place to be” for people whether young or old.

Bondi Chai is a seriously delicious, creamy-smooth blend of milk, black tea, honey, vanilla and exotic 'comfort' spices which tastes superb and is 'almost addictive'. It is an excellent alternative to coffee and tea. Because it’s a powder, Bondi Chai is very versatile and easy to use. It is completely gluten-free, 99% fat free (made with skimmed milk) and halal certified.

bondi chai latte products

Two amazing varieties

Club Cinnamon

Bondi Chai turns up the Spice in this delicious blend with exotic flavours of Star Anise and Cinnamon beautifully complemented by the clean, fresh after-taste of Ginger.

Vanilla Honey

A blend of comfort spices with the added richness of Vanilla and the natural warmth and sweetness of Honey.


Add 3 full teaspoons (10 grams total) Bondi Chai Tea Latte to 180 ml cold milk and heat it in the microwave or with the steam nozzle on your coffee machine. Bondi Chai Tea Latte is gluten-free, 99% fat free and Halal certified.