High quality coffee from a reputable company?

We deliver the very best in coffee from the famous Caffe Carraro of Italy. We stock a vast range of delicious coffees for all tastes and trends.

Caffe Carraro is one of Italy's leading coffee wholesalers and has been roasting coffee for their connoisseurs for over 83 years. Caffe Carraro is a passionate, family-run business and Big Food Europe is delighted to work in partnership with Caffe Carraro, introducing a new quality coffee and brand to the UK market.

Carraro Coffee

Our wholesalers are highly dedicated to quality and taste and this attention to detail has been at the core of our success. They select only the finest of coffee beans to make that unique Carraro taste sensation that has become so popular. We at Big Food Europe Ltd can deliver to you this wonderful taste of Italy, that you can pass on to your customers.

A Great cup of coffee is mandatory in morning for most people. It is inspirational for many. Timeless moments are often shared over a steaming cup of coffee. That’s why we at Caffe Carraro take our coffee very seriously. Since its inception in 1927, we have been roasting the finest coffee for our Italian community and international coffee lovers worldwide.