Big Food Europe first to introduce Gumbooks in the UK!


Our founder Jarek Turon and his private collection of Gumbooks

Gumbooks are probably the most original advertising medium in the world. They reach out directly to a target group and serve as a sales support tool.

Advertising Space
Companies, hotels and service providers can advertise on Gumbooks. The advertisements can be printed on the inside and outside cover of the Gumbook and the separate sheets of paper are used for disposing of chewing gums.

Set of paper sheets inside the Gumbook
Ever wondered what to do with used chewing gum? Problem solved. Gumbooks work as a preventive tool to stop littering. They reduce the footprint on the environment and teach young people to respect their environment.

Chewing gums for clean and healthy teeth
Gumbooks will soon be available in your favourite cafe or restaurant and they will contain one or two chewing gums. You will usually get Gumbook with your cup of tea or coffee and you can take it with you.

Big Food Europe is an exclusive distributor of Gumbooks in the United Kingdom and we work directly with our manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

In our first marketing campaign with Gumbooks will be focused on hotels, car dealers, footbal and hockey clubs, fast food chains, cinemas and other places where gum polution is a big problem.

We had a great time at Amsterdam Horecava 2016!


Horecava is Benelux’s largest trade show for cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering industries. Visitors can see the latest trends in the hospitality industry, including but not limited to food&beverage, equipment and furniture. Both visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to make new contacts, connect and do business together.

Big Food Europe is attending Horecava every year and traditionally promoting our most succesful product in the Netherlands – Chai Tea Latte. This year we offered our visitors two different varietes of chai latte: powder and liquid. In the powder form we had our well establised Australian brand Bondi Chai, which is 100% natural, gluten free and fat free.

Customers who prefer liquid form of chai latte had a chance to try our new brand – Authentic Chai from Canada. Authentic chai comes in 3 different varietes: Masala, Oolong and Roiboos. It is certified organic and also vegan (doesn’t contain any dairy).

All 4 days at the stand were extremely busy and we connected with hundreds of potential clients who tried our products and were happy to hand over their details for further communication.

I would like to send a big thanks to Alex, who secured the best spot at Horecava so we always had plenty of visitors and to Iris and Maryana for their positive approach and great help with making contacts.

And finally, here is our list of favourite products at Horecava

Alpro Coconut Milk
Very tasty coconut milk, suitable for preparation of hot beverages and great replacement of dairy milk
Roo’ Bars
Organic, raw, vegan and gluten free bars from Bulgaria that come in many different varietes.

Copenhagen Food Show 2015

Copenhagen Food Show 2015Even though Copenhagen Food Fair 2015 was a bit smaller then in previous years, it was still full of interesting products, concepts, food companies and ideas. Bella Center opened its door on Sunday 22 February and brought us 3 days of amazing experience meeting our customers, colleagues, partners and sharing our experience.

Organizers prepared a new exhibition concept, which included 4 different parts: Stage, Campus, Kitchen and Eco.

“Stage” was the fair’s centre for food culture and featured Danish and international food performances and entertainment. Selected exhibitors had a unique opportunity to talk about their business by being hosts on Stage.

“Campus” was focused on hospitality in a professional context with, for example, talks, dialogue meetings and innovation workshops. Selected exhibitors had a unique opportunity to talk about their business by being hosts on the Campus stage.

“Kitchen” was the sensuous heart of the fair, where competitions such as Chef of the Year and Waiter of the Year, cookery schools, demonstrations of new equipment, meal breaks, tastings etc were presented – all focusing on preparing and experiencing food.

Monday 23 February was the Organic Day, with more than 50 organic exhibitors contributing to the biggest organic initiative. We were celebrating the day with numerous activities and happenings which were all related to organic foods.

Some of our favourite exhibitors and products:

Nohrlund – 3 types of natural lemonades with small amount of gin or vodka. Our favourite was the ginger flavour.

Sealand Birk – absolutely fantastic Birch Tree lemonades from Finland. What a great idea!

Growers Cup – unique concept of tea and coffee in their own disposable package that has to be filled with hot water and in about 30 seconds can fill two cups.

Nordur Salt – Great sea salt from Iceland.

What do chairs, coffee and chai latte have in common?

Italian duo Simone and RobertoItalian duo Simone and Roberto opened their coffee shop “Chairs and Coffee” in Fulham a year ago. How is it possible to establish yourself in what could be considered an overcrowded market and get rave reviews at the same time? Maryana and Jarek from Bondi Chai find out.

Bondi Chai: So, how did you come up with the idea?

Simone: I worked with coffee for many years, in London and in Central America where I worked in the quality control departement at a coffee export company. Back in London I was doing a lot of training events. I helped people who wanted to open a coffee shop and didn’t have a clue, especially how to make great coffee. I became a judge at some competitions as well. The skills I gained brought me to the point where I wanted to open my own coffee shop. I also had a very good friend Roberto, who had been working in catering for years. He knew exactly how to handle coffee shops or bars and how to run them.

Bondi Chai: Why “Chairs and coffee”?

Simone: Why the name? We basically had lots of chairs and didn’t know what to do with them! So, we tried to register the company as “Chairs Limited” but they told us it was already taken. So we agreed that as long as the name has “chairs” in it, we’ll take it!

Bondi Chai:  Why Fulham as your location?

Simone: It just happened. We were first looking all around London but we realized we had to focus on one particular area. First, there was South London, but Roberto wasn’t a big fan. Then there was East London as there are lots of independent coffee shops already with a great vibe. In the end, we went for West London and found this great place in Fulham.

Bondi Chai:   How do you set yourself apart from other coffee shops?

Simone: We have different coffees (filtered and espresso types) and keep rotating our coffee selection so one day it could be coffee from Ethiopia and another day it could be Guatemalan. We look after our coffees, we organise coffee tasting classes and barista classes. In some coffee shops the management tries to make everyone happy and sell whatever people ask for. We are trying to stick to the way we like it and try to make people like it too!

Bondi Chai:  What have been the challenges during your first year?

Simone: The biggest challenge was to survive. Running a coffee shop is not easy but we learned a lot from it.

Bondi Chai: Any advice to the people that want to open a coffee shop?

Simone: Yes! Work long, very long hours. We work 12 hours a day on average, but the job is rewarding, and we get great reviews. We love our customers and they tell us we are doing a great job.

Bondi Chai:  Why did you choose Bondi Chai?

Simone: I didn’t know much about chai latte though I saw people making it in other places. Later, we visited Coffee Festival, brought some samples of chai latte, including Bondi Chai. We tried about 5 different brands but Bondi Chai stood out. Compared to the other chai lattes it tasted natural and there was much more going on in my mouth (complexity and body in coffee terms) . We serve Bondi chai with either cow’s milk or soya milk, depending on the preferences of our customers.

Bondi Chai: Any plans for the future? Any chairs left for another place?

Simone: I’d like to set up a roastery in our shop. We don’t have any chairs left but a few more tables so maybe we’ll call it “Tables and coffee” though I’m not running it this time!

Bondi Chai: Simone, you’ve been a great host and it’s an honour supplying your coffee bar. Good luck with your business .

      Chairs & Coffee started selling Australia`s favourite chai latte in July. Since then, a growing number of chai lovers have come to enjoy it here regularly. Bondi Chai is a delicious, creamy blend of milk, cinnamon, honey and spices (ginger, star anise, vanilla) It is made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. It has no artificial flavourings, colourings or additives and is 99% fat free. You can taste that.

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Horecava Amsterdam 2015

Organizer: Amsterdam RAI B.V.Amsterdam RAI B.V.

Location: Halls 1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11 and Elicium

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 12 January 11:00 to 18:00
  • Tuesday, January 13 11:00 to 18:00
  • Wednesday, January 14th 11:00 to 18:00
  • Thursday, 15 January 11:00 to 18:00

Horecava is the largest annual national trade fair for professionals in the food service industry. This year it was held at Amsterdam RAI. The fair was joined by a huge number of unique exhibitors including Big Food Europe Ltd offering visitors not just a broad program but also endless number of network possibilities, not to mention different practical tips!

Big Food Europe Ltd attended and took part of the trade fair and attended with Bondi Chai Latte among other Dutch and German coffee houses, hotels and restaurants. Big Food Europe Ltd is looking forward to supply exclusive foods and beverages in cafes, hotels, restaurants all over UK and the Netherlands. Big Food Europe Ltd had just added Bondi Chai to their range. They had also introduced the amazing Menga smoothie during the Horecava 2015 trade fair. A smoothie that is 100% fruit and comes in four different flavors. A popular must-try for everyone who joined the trade fair.

It was a 4-day fair that allowed entrepreneurs to test their taste buds from all the food prepared and offered by different sectors such as catering, hospitality and commercial kitchen. The atmosphere is fairly unique and the entire fair can also be considered as a one-time experience. Unfortunately, Horecava is only open to trade visitors 18 years old and above. You need to receive a registration code and have it registered for you to get a free visit.

Big Food on Breakfast event in Utrecht

Breakfast event organized by our partner company Food Service Marketing Impact was great opportunity to find inspiration on various breakfast foods and beverages. Around 35 F&B managers came to Utrecht from all parts of Netherlands and Belgium. Working in hotels, cafes, restaurants and distribution companies, they came to see what is currently wanted by consumers.

Sponzors of this event were Arla Biologische Milk, Honing tomatoes, Kraak-Vers (meat and kokosbread), Corny cereal bars, Zengo juices and many others, which brought their samples to be tasted by visitors.

After starting by breakfast at at 9am, we moved to conference room to watch the presentation about using modern technologies of communication and presenting food products to consumers. Another part of the event was taking place at Starbucks and La Plaza.

At 1.30pm we finally reached NH Hoteles Utrecht, where there was a NH team already expecting us with presentation about AntiOx (new campaign run by NH to promote foods with antioxidants) and also refreshments including Jellies made in the hotel.

Thanks belongs especially to Food Service Marketing Impact for organizing this great event!

Big Food Europe on Caffè Culture show

Caffe Culture Show 2013The Caffè Culture Show is a highly targeted trade exhibition, exclusively catering for the UK’s café bar market.

Hosting over 230 exhibitors from the industry’s major international brands to the smaller independent suppliers, the show is the ideal platform for suppliers and coffee shop owners and buyers from the high street chains to meet and do business within the UK’s premier exhibition venue.