Elixium Water (10 bottles)

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ELIXIUM is a 24ct Gold Infused Haute Rafraîchissement.

ELIXIUM has been enjoyed by the most elite of guests staying at the residence, drawn from the most revered aquifer in the Malvern Hills, one of the purest in the United Kingdom. Always made to the exacting recipe with 24ct Gold and secretly enjoyed for centuries ELIXIUM has never been made, served or taken beyond the grounds of Rockburn. We now open the doors and make ELIXIUM available by special order.

ELIXIUM is purified, blended and bottled by hand solely for those who take pride in their well-being.

An experience quite unlike any other, ELIXIUM is water in its highest form.

Out of stock

Product Description

Our water comes from our very own private source at the foot of the Malvern Hills, once enjoyed exclusively by the Royals.

The facility where creation of ELIXIUM takes place was built in 1862 and has served notable and influential members of high society for centuries as a sanctum of rest, well-being and peace.

With ELIXIUM we bring a host of associated health benefits for the ingestion of pure gold supported by cutting edge scientific research.


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