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Marlenka Mixed Nuggets

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MARLENKA® honey nuggets is a delicious all natural product filled with milk and honey cream. Made according to an old Armenian family recipe.

Only the best, carefully selected ingredients are used for the production of this delicacy. MARLENKA® Honey Nuggets are free from any artificial preservatives and colours.

Thanks to its unique taste and attributes it has quickly become a favourite delicacy in many European countries. Enjoy these delicious honey nuggets with a cup of tea, coffee or chai latte. 100% natural.

One box contains 12 pieces of nuggets.

Out of stock

Product Description

MARLENKA® honey nuggets – contains only natural ingredients and is certified as 100% natural product. Shelf life is usually 90 days in a room temperature. One box contains 10 pieces of nuggets.

All MARLENKA® products are packed in modified atmosphere for freshness. Refrigeration will prolong shelf life without changing the quality or taste.


Cocoa Honey Nuggets
Condensed milk,vegetable fat, wheat flour, sugar, egg melange, honey (3,19%), condensed milk with cocoa, cocoa (1,46%), baking soda. The product may contain trace elements of walnuts.

Lemon Honey Nuggets
Condesed milk, vegetable fat, wheat flour, sugar, egg, glucose sirup, honey (3,8%), lemon juice (0,18), lemon oil (0,13%), baking soda

Classic Honey Nuggets
Condensed milk, vegetable fat, sugar, wheat flour, egg melange, honey (3,9%), condensed milk with cocoa, glucose sirup, baking soda, walnuts (0,51%).

Additional Information

Dimensions 24.5 x 11.6 x 4.1 cm


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